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Two Great Foundations. One Great Cause!

For our birthday month which is April (we had our two year anniversary on April 2nd 2024). And we at Tabby Cat Coffee Co. wanted to create two special limited run tee-shirts to help support two amazing foundations to raise awareness for cat health: EveryCat Health Foundation, and Morris Animal Foundation!

Let's Raise Awareness for Feline Health, and raise funds for EveryCat Health Foundation with every tee shirt purr-chase!

"Since 1968, EveryCat Health Foundation has awarded grants for groundbreaking research that benefits every cat, every day. From preventing life-threatening diseases, to advancing feline medical treatment, and veterinary treatment to healthy home habits, we advance the science of better medicine for millions of cats and their cat-loving owners just like us."

Raising awareness for Feline Health Research for Morris Animal Foundation.

"Since 1950, we (Morris Animal Foundation) have invested almost $19 million in more than 450 feline health studies. We’ve contributed to the development of the first vaccine for feline leukemia, pioneered cat genetic research and improved the health and welfare of shelter cats around the world. We also were among the first to recognize and invest in better pain management for cats. It’s just a small part of our dedication and commitment to help cats live their best lives."
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