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Our Impact On Cat Health

Million of cats roam the earth to this day, the Ancient Egyptians revered them as Gods thousands of years ago, (and cats haven't forgotten this) and we humans still haven't stopped loving their purrs, zoomies, chatters, and cute snuggles! Did you know that an estimated 600 million cats live with us worldwide? That's a lot of furry friends! But, unfortunately, feline health research funding falls short compared to support for other animals. And we at Tabby Cat Coffee want to make a difference in feline health by helping to raise awareness and donate to these amazing non-profits!


EveryCat Health Foundation

Who is EveryCat Health Foundation?

"Bringing Groundbreaking
Advancements To Feline Medicine"

Since 1968, EveryCat Health Foundation has awarded grants for groundbreaking research that benefits every cat, every day. From preventing life-threatening diseases, to advancing feline medical treatment, and veterinary treatment to healthy home habits, we advance the science of better medicine for millions of cats and their cat-loving owners just like us.




 We also donate to:

Morris Animal Foundation- for feline health studies

The Bitty Kitty Brigade

The Cats at Longstreet

To The ResQ


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