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Cats and caffeine - the two best things in the world.

At Tabby Cat Coffee, we prioritize two things - keeping humans caffeinated with great specialty coffee beans and cats happy and healthy. When you shop with us, not only will you have a wide variety of delicious ethically sourced coffee options to choose from, but you'll also be supporting our mission of making a difference in the cat health world by helping us to raise awareness and provide funding to cat health research foundations, so all future cats can live happy and healthy lives.

We believe in the magical power of a strong brew and happy purring kitties - Coffee With A Purr-pose!

Cat With Stethascope

The Future Of Feline Medicine Needs Our Support

Coffee With A Purr-pose!

We donate 5% of profits to feline health research foundations.

Feline health research continues to be underfunded compared to many other animals. With your support, we can make an impact in the cat health world by helping to fund scientific research for health breakthroughs and critical disease prevention like, Feline Diabetes Mellitus, FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), Thyroid Issues, URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), and Lower Urinary Tract Diseases, just to name a few common illnesses.

No matter how small, every bit of support helps, so all of our feline friends have a chance to live happy, and healthy long lives!

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Coffee With A Purr-pose!
Here at Tabby Cat Coffee Co.™, our mission is to have a meaningful influence on cat health. We are dedicated to donating a part of our profits to support cat health research foundations. When you make a purchase, you are actively contributing to the funding of feline medicine and disease research, helping improve the lives of our beloved feline companions!