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About Us & Our Mission

Every order received is roasted straight away, and in small batches, so you’ll get the freshest coffee possible delivered right to your doorstep! The attention given to every roasted batch of our specialty grade coffee reveals the rich, full-bodied, and delightfully smooth taste that'll make you purr with every sip you take, and every cup helps a kitty!

Why Our Coffee?

    • What makes us different from the rest of the coffee out there? Our specialty coffee is high quality, single origin, naturally flavored (for our flavored options), ethically sourced direct from small farm co-ops- resulting in better quality beans and better cared for crops, all while giving the farmers a fair wage.
    • Freshness you can taste, nothing stale here! The quality, flavor, and freshness of our roasted coffee is drastically different (in a good way) than your mass produced coffee beans, which sit on store shelves for months at a time and are generally of poorer grade and just doesn't taste that good- meh flavor profiles, bored taste-buds.
    • All of our coffee is small batch roasted-to-order just for you, and will arrive to your door at peak flavor- cue excited taste-buds (can you tell we are big on flavor?)!
    • You're helping kitties live healthier, happier lives by supporting funding for important cat health scientific research and possible breakthroughs for new treatments of diseases and new life saving medicines; a portion of our profits are donated to feline health research foundations, whom are doing important work every day for our feline friends, which is something we deeply care about, and hope you do as well!


      Tabby Cat Coffee Company® was founded in April of 2022, and is dedicated to my sweet tabby cat named Nefi. He lived a great life, but sadly passed away suddenly at only 11 years old from kidney failure. With going through that difficult time in 2006, I learned the value of feline health research through this experience, and I decided that I wanted to help raise awareness for cat health and wellness in some way after I lost Nefi. It really doesn’t seem to be in the spotlight as much as it deserves to be. So, with my love of coffee, cats and cat health, Tabby Cat Coffee Company was born, with the goal for everyone to enjoy great coffee knowing that a great cause is also being supported!  Eniko, Founder


        Our Mission

      • To offer specialty-grade roasted to order coffee beans to coffee + cat lovers.

      • Raise awareness about the importance of annual health exams for cats to stay on top of preventing, and treating any illnesses. Much needed funding is required for cat health research foundations to contribute to the development of feline medicine and disease research for all of our felines friends! That's why our motto is Coffee With A Purr-pose!

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