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We've Partnered Up With Mission Meow!

Announcement: We've partnered up with Mission Meow to help make dreams come true!

Mission Meow

Read below the announcement Mission Meow has written about Tabby Cat Coffee:

Tabby Cat Coffee Co. CEO/Founder

At Tabby Cat Coffee Company, coffee isn’t just a drink to wake you up in the morning, it has a special meaningful message: Our message and mission is to raise awareness about the importance of feline health and wellness, all while providing freshly roasted specialty coffee to our cat and coffee loving humans! A portion of our proceeds are donated to feline health research foundations and feline-centric nonprofits, so all of our kitty friends can live happy and healthy long lives. 

Tabby Cat Coffee's Cat Named Nefi

Tabby Cat Coffee Company™ was founded in April of 2022, and is dedicated to owner Eniko's sweet tabby cat named Nefi (pictured here). He lived a great life, but sadly passed away suddenly at only 11 years old from kidney failure. After going through that difficult time in 2006, Eniko learned the value of feline health research through this experience and she decided to help raise awareness for cat health and wellness. It really didn’t seem to be in the spotlight as much as it deserves to be, so with her love of coffee, cats and cat health, Tabby Cat Coffee Company was born. The goal is for everyone to enjoy great coffee and know that a great cause is also being supported!  Welcome To Team Mission Meow! We are going to truly make change together for small feline-centric nonprofits.

Nefi Cat Napping



Who Is Mission Meow?      

"Together creating meaningful change for feline-centric nonprofits. Mission Meow works to increase the level of charitable donations for small feline-centric nonprofits to help create meaningful change for cats in need."


Why Mission Meow is so needed.

Nonprofit organizations rely mostly on donations. Raising funds has become increasingly more difficult, while the need for more rescue work has not diminished. Your donation could be the reason a rescue with such limited resources can purchase a much-needed transport vehicle.

of small shelters have concerns with aging facilities, cost of veterinary care, and limited resources. 

Mission Meow business partners make it possible for $10,000 or more to be donated to a cat-centric small nonprofit. This equals making a dream come true for a chosen nonproft to have the needed funds for instance: make renovations for a cat shelter, or purchase a new transport vehicle, or even build a catio! Amazing!


 To learn more about Mission Meow visit them at:


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