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Limited Edition | Candy Cane Cat | Candy Cane Flavored Coffee

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5% of proceeds are donated to support feline health research foundations.

❄️ Limited release- candy cane coffee! AVAILABLE UNTIL 1/31/24

It's the season to be jolly! Hear the crackle of fireside comfort, feel the snug hug of your festive knitwear, and your cat napping on your lap, decoration-induced delight, smell the scrumptious holiday aromas from the kitchen, and watch those fluffy snowflakes drift with whimsical grace. What better way to bask in the yuletide cheer than indulging in a delicious cup of candy cane medium roast java?

Our nostalgic Candy Cane Cat Coffee has all the flavors you're craving like it's Christmas all over again--that sweet, red-and-white-striped goodness you snagged off the tree (no judgement here, we did too!). Enjoy hints of minty freshness and a dash of vanilla in this special brew.


With this bag of coffee you're:

  • Helping to bring more awareness about feline diabetes, like our kitty warrior friend Khannie who has this condition. She is our cat health ambassador to help raise awareness for this disease, and her cute face is featured on this bag of coffee!


  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Light Natural Flavoring
  • No Added Sugars
  • Ethically Sourced
  • Supports A Feline Cause

          📦 Shipping & Freshness

          Experience the joy of complimentary shipping on our entire selection of coffee. We roast our beans right before they embark on their journey to you, ensuring that you receive a full-bodied, flavorful cup that's bursting with meowsome freshness!

          🌱 What is "Sustainably Grown" coffee?

          Our coffee beans are carefully selected from farms that demonstrate a commitment to the welfare of their workers and the environment. These farms utilize eco-friendly farming techniques, minimize water consumption, and uphold fair ethical labor practices. So when you indulge in our coffee, you're not just indulging in exceptional flavor but also supporting a sustainable future for the local farm communities and the earth.

          ❤️ How does Tabby Cat Coffee give back?

          At Tabby Cat Coffee, we have a passion for serving great coffee; but we're also committed to making a positive impact in the cat health world. A portion of proceeds supports EveryCat Health Foundation, an organization that focuses on funding scientific health research and advancement in feline medicine. When you sip our coffee you're not just enjoying a full-bodied cup of meowsomeness – you're also supporting a cause that's essential for the future of our furry feline friends health and happiness!

          🗓️ Why Subscribe?

          By subscribing to Tabby Cat Coffee, you can enjoy a continuous supply of your favorite brew without any worries of running out. You can count on us to freshly roast your selected coffee and deliver it right to your door according to your preferred schedule, ensuring the highest quality and freshness for every sip. And the best part? Subscribing means saving both time and money—no more rushing to the grocery store for coffee or paying premium prices at local cafes.

          ☕️ Which coffee should I buy?

          Having trouble choosing? No worries, we've got you covered! Explore our collection of sample packs right here. It's like a mini adventure, allowing you to test out various options and discover the one that truly make you go meow-wow yum!

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 5 reviews
          Jane from California
          Great Holiday Brew!

          Just could not wait to try this coffee! Christmas seemed so far away at the time. However, this is a great wake-me-up coffee and perfect for holiday special times.

          What a wonderful aroma

          As soon as you open the bag the wonderful aroma of peppermint like a peppermint patty wafts up. I love fresh ground coffee and this is delicious a medium roast. And from a wonderful company with a unique idea. Looking forward to new flavors.

          Thank you so much for the detailed review, we are so glad to hear that you love it!

          Wonderful Aroma!

          I was pleasantly surprised at this minty cuppa joe. Upon opening the bag I was greeted with a fresh burst of peppermint!

          I am so happy to be drinking good coffee and support a great cause with feline diabetes. Thank you!

          A minty warm welcome!

          Absolutely love this coffee! When you open the bag you are greeted by the delicious peppermint smell, the smell of coffee fills the room when you walk in. I'm already on my second bag I love it so much :-)

          Thank you for the detailed comment, it's making us want to brew a cup of it right meow!

          Yummy satisfaction with Candy Cat Cane coffee!!

          When I opened my first package of Candy Cat Cane, it smelled of coffee and peppermint, When I brewed it, the hot coffee smelled enticingly of candy canes. Ah, but what about the taste? I was pleasantly surprised with an excellent blend of coffee and candy cane notes. Not overwhelming or overly heavy -- just a nice balance of scent and taste that reminds me of candy canes for the holidays. I am sold! I'm going to be sure I order plenty of this seasonal favorite while it's available.
          Please give it a try - I think you'll like it!

          Thank you for the lovely detailed feedback! We are so happy you like it!

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