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Three Simple Ways To Improve Your Brews

TIP # 1: Create Consistency In Your Brewing Process Is Key!

When making coffee, uniformity is important. What should you do if, after your first brew, a new coffee doesn't taste good? To make any adjustments to improve that brew, you must be able to recall exactly how you made the first batch of coffee. Consistency in your brews is the greatest way to achieve this. It is far simpler to identify and correct any variables causing your poor brew by creating a strong baseline for preparing coffee.


TIP # 2: Only Change One Variable at a Time!

When modifying your brews, just alter ONE variable at a time.
The first factor you should consider changing is the grind size. For coffee that taste excessively hollow, empty, or watered down, grind more finely. If your coffee tastes excessively strong or sour, grind it coarser. It is challenging to pinpoint what made your brew taste better or worse when two variables are changed simultaneously, so just be sure to change one at a time. Even water temperature and quality of the water (tap water vs spring water vs filtered water) can make a huge difference!

TIP # 3: Make Coffee That Tastes Good To You!

Making coffee that you enjoy drinking is the last and best technique to make your brews better. There are a ton of guides, how-tos, and coffee recipes available online that show you how to employ various brew techniques. The issue with those instructions is that so many factors are not taken into consideration. For instance, using tap water in your brew would result in a much different-tasting cup of coffee than using only filtered water from bottles, or spring water. My biggest advice to anyone making coffee is to just focus on making coffee that tastes good to you. If it tastes good, repeat that process. If it tastes bad, change it up, one variable at a time until you are pleased.
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