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Let's Make An Impact on Feline Cancer

May 11, 2023 — One of the deadliest cancers in cats, feline oral squamous cell carcinoma (FOSCC), moves quietly but quickly. Oral squamous cell carcinoma is not only the most common oral cancer in cats, but one of the most common feline cancers overall, accounting for roughly 8% to 10% of all cancers diagnosed. It's likely that many cat owners have encountered this dreadful disease if they've shared their lives with a feline friend.

Although FOSCC doesn't tend to spread beyond the head and neck, the cancer is still locally aggressive, burrowing deep into the bones of the jaw and oral cavity, making it nearly impossible to remove surgically. The tumors make eating and drinking difficult and are very painful. FOSCCs are resistant to chemotherapy but sensitive to radiation, and surgery often is combined with radiation to control the tumor. Unfortunately, side effects due to radiation are common, adding to a patient’s discomfort and impairing their quality of life. The average survival time is a dismal three months for cats diagnosed with this cancer.

New Treatments Desperately Needed

Since 2008, Morris Animal Foundation has stepped up research support for this terrible cancer. We've funded 18 studies with just over $1.5M invested in a wide range of projects focused on discovering new treatments to improve the quality of life for cats suffering from FOSCC.

From 2008 to roughly 2015, studies aimed to leverage advances in human-targeted cancer therapeutics in cats with FOSCC. Unfortunately, these approaches fell short when it came to efficacy in cats. However, one study showed promise.

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A devastating loss of their beloved companion, Speckles, has led an anonymous donor to reach out to Winn Feline Foundation regarding a one-time sponsorship of future research.

Speckles was tragically lost to one form of abdominal cancer, carcinomatosis. Thus Speckles’ family wants their donation to fund new health studies leading to potential answers for the major cancers (lymphoma, carcinomas, and mast cell disease) of the “triad” in cats– the liver, pancreas, and gastrointestinal tract. Pioneering studies regarding prevention, early diagnosis, pain management and treatment of major triad cancers will be encouraged.

The Winn Feline Foundation Board of Directors considers this gift an excellent opportunity for a “Gift In Action”. In other words, Winn will use this generous donation as a catalyst to raise additional funds over a short time period (crowdfunding) and we hope to turn one research project into two or three studies on abdominal cancer. None of the funds from the Speckles’ donation will be used for fundraising – only cancer research. Winn’s and the donor’s goal is for the gift in Speckles memory to benefit many more cats who face such overwhelming challenges. *Learn More - Source:

Tabby Cat Coffee Company
is hosting a special limited time shirt fundraiser in order to support our mission of helping to raise awareness for Feline Cancer and Feline Health. Shirts available in different colors for women and men. If you don't want a shirt, you can make just a donation instead!

All proceeds will be donated to EveryCat Health Foundation to help fund critical research for feline cancer as well as many other feline conditions such as CKD, FIP, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and much more!

Join us in helping all cats live healthier happier lives by participating in this fundraiser!

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