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Feline Osteoarthritis and the story of the kitty named Onyx

Onyx Is A Sweet, Black Domestic Shorthair With A Big Personality. When He Was A Kitten He Would Open Every Cabinet Door And Chewed Up So Many Headphone Cords Because He Was Able To Jump On The Tables And Get Into Whatever Was Left Out. He Has Been A Sweetheart And Brat His Whole Life. He Is A Tripod (he Only Has One Back Leg After A Horrible Accident). We Learned After His Accident About His Osteoarthritis And That He Should Not Have Been Jumping Up And Down On The Counters Or Into His Top Entry Litter Box. We Had A Dog So And Had To Keep The Dog From Getting Into The Litter Box, So A Top Entry Box Was The Answer Until It Wasn’t. His Accident Led To A Surgery That Failed That Then Led To Amputation. He Is A Super Trooper And Onyx Went Through A Super Rough Couple Of Months. We Have All Adjusted To His New Tripod Life. He Gets Super Soft, Easily Digestible Food With Miralax So He Doesn’t Have To Struggle In The Litter Box And He Gets Cosequin For His Bones. Because He Is So Fragile We Have Super Soft Beds And Super Soft Blankets To Him And His Bones Warm. He Is Still Super Lovable And Very Vocal When He Wants Up Or Food. His Big Personalty Is Still In There Even If He Only Has One Back Leg. Onyx Was An Amazing 23 Years Old As Of 2024 When He Sadly Passed Away. Pet Parent- Michelle

Info About Feline Osteoarthritis:

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